How to Download QGIS Software

There are several GIS software available in the GIS market. They are available in both paid and free or open source software

ARC/GIS is leading software in Paid category, other paid software are Map/Info, Geomedia, Microstation, Global Mapper etc., where as QGIS comes in the open source category and in current it is also leading software in its own category. QGIS software can be used to create, edit, analyze and display data. It has all functions and tools as other paid GIS software.  It has all the advantages of GIS like other GIS tools. One can play with spatial and non-spatial data using QGIS. It also provides integration of mathematical and simulation models for further analysis. 

How to Download QGIS

QGIS is open-source desktop geographic information system (GIS) software. QGIS is licensed under the GNU General Public License. It is an official project of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo). It runs on Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, Windows and Android. QGIS software could be used for viewing, editing, and analysis of geospatial data. 

These could be possible using built- in tools, plug-in and geospatial processing framework supported within QGIS. The image processing software e.g. GRASS, SAGA are made available in QGIS. 

QGIS supports shapefiles, coverages, personal geodatabases, dxf, MapInfo, PostGIS, and other formats. QGIS also supports web GIS services e.g. WMS, WFS etc. QGIS is free software and can be downloaded from the internet.

Following steps to download QGIS

1. Open the webpage of QGIS, i.e., Following website will open up 


Click on “Download Now” button as in highlighted above image. Below window will open

  • QGIS is available on Windows, MacOS X, Linux and Android, so based on your operating system you have to select the appropriate one. Here in this process, will select windows as our operating system.
  • Now before download first check whether your windows is 32bit or 64bit by following these instructions
  • Go to My computer icon on desktop- right click - properties- system type- 32 bit/64 bit
  • Select the appropriate (32 or 64 bit) version of QGIS for download and click on the button to start the download.
  • After download when you click on downloaded exe file you will be prompted by ‘User Account Control’ popup window, click on ‘Yes’.

The setup window will open. Click on ‘Next>’ as shown in above image.

Setup wizard window appear. you will be presented with ‘License Agreement’ read it and then, 
click on ‘I Agree’ as above image.

Now you have to choose the installation location, you recommended to keep the default path and click on ‘Next’.

In the next window, you prompted to choose the different components of QGIS and datasets, if you interested you can check the component you want to install or leave as default. 
Click on ‘Install’ to proceed to the setup.

Now you can notice the setup will installing QGIS on your computer.

Once the entire installation process is over, you will be prompt to close the setup click on ‘Finish’ to close.

After installation one can run QGIS from desktop icon or using start/all program functions of window.

The above image showing the QGIS working on your computer.
I hope you will use this to download and install, if you face any problem than do write/email. 
QGIS can be used to apply all the process and concepts of GIS.

Video Link for Quick learning of QGIS download process-


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