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Landsat satellite image Download

How to download Landsat ImagesThis article will discussed about Landsat Satellite mission as well as process of downloading Landsat satellite image. LANDSAT MISSIONThis US (NASA and USGS) satellite remote sensing program was the first civil earth-observing satellite program. It started with the first Landsat satellite’s launch in 1972 and is continuing with Landsat 8, recently launched. Since June 2009, the entire Landsat image archive is available at no charge online (see website Earth Explorer from the U.S. Geological Survey). Landsat 7 Landsat 7 was launched in 1999 and is equipped with a multi-spectral sensor known as the Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus or ETM+. The Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus (ETM+), imitates the competencies of the highly successful Thematic Mapper instruments of earlier Landsats series. The ETM+ also have some additional features that make it a more resourceful and efficient instrument for global change studies, land cover monitoring and assessment, and large area …

Download Free Satellite Images From Bhuvan Portal of NRSC

Download free satellite images of Indian Satellite using NRSC-Bhuvan websiteBhuvan portal is a platform created by National Remote Sensing Center of Govt of India to provide free satellite images of different satellite such as LISS-III, Cartosat DEM etc. This portal also provide free classified and thematic maps. These satellite image can easily download by select and preview process. 
Open weblink: From this page go to top menu option – Open Data Archive

A new window will open after clicking on Open data Archive.You need to make user id on this page so click to Login (on the extreme top right corner)A new small window will open for login credentials, scroll down it and click on New User
Create login id by providing details such as user name, email id, first name, last name etc.
Go to click here to login and also an email sent to your email id, activate that email id and login in bhuvan portal through your login credentials.After Login start search…

Satellite Image Information- Details of Spatial and Spectral Resolution

Satellite Image Information:There are many types of satellite images available through download and purchase options, one can select from them as per need of their project. These satellite image can be selected based on different properties of satellite image such as Spatial resolution, spectral resolution, temporal resolution and swath of satellite image (that describe the scene size or coverage area). A satellite can use only visible part of electromagnetic energy and some satellite use both visible and infrared part of electromagnetic energy. This is usually referred by spectral resolutions or number of band recorded in particular satellite image. 
The list is provided to understand the satellite information and use in specific need as per satellite image specification. It has information of different satellite mission details with their properties such as bands, resolution and scene size. This information can be used to acquire satellite image as per your need of project or researc…

Remote Sensing Data

Satellite Image Download Portals:Satellite image is main source and input data for remote sensing studies. These input in the form of satellite image can be also used in GIS database generation as well as for analysis in GIS environment. So acquiring or ordering satellite images is now a days a very simple and easy process just like purchasing on any e-commerce portals.  Four simple steps will explain the acquiring process of satellite image. Select the interested area using polygon in shape file, coordinates or city/location nameSelect the type of satellite imageBrowse the searched image and check the image quality In the last download/order the satellite image through cart There is variety of satellite images available on web-portals, provided and supported by many government and other agencies. These satellite images are available in the paid form as ell as free of cost on web portals. 
Different web portal are defined below, from where one can search, preview and download satellite im…