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What are Satellite/Sensor Characteristics

Satellite/Sensor Properties for Image Processing This article will bring information and characteristics of satellite/sensor.   It is very important to know the characteristics of satellite image , this help user to select and acquire satellite image as per need of research and project.  Image can be select based on mapping purpose and for this basic properties are very important for selection of satellite image, which are below- Spectral Resolution Spatial Resolution Temporal Resolution These properties play significant role for better image classification as per requirement of project. These properties will help to select appropriate image as per need of project for example in first case, spatial resolution may be important if detail information required but in other case if repeatedly satellite images required then temporal resolution become important. Instead of these resolution swath of satellite image is also important as it describe the coverage of satellite imag

How to Download Landsat Satellite Image

How to download Landsat Images Satellite images required for mapping and monitoring natural and man-made features. There are different type of satellite images available for mapping from high resolution such as worldview, quickbird, LISS-IV etc., and medium resolution satellite images such as Aster, LISS-III and Landsat , where as in low resolution, AWiFS, MODIS etc. These satellite image cost vary with it's resolution and available as per its temporal resolution. Satellite image acquiring process is important to understand for mapping.  This article will discussed about Landsat Satellite mission as well as process of downloading Landsat satellite image. Landsat mission is one of the oldest mission of earth observing satellites and this mission is still alive in the form of Landsat 8. As Landsat mission started in 1970s so satellite images can be acquired from that period to ascertain the changes. LANDSAT MISSION This US (NASA and USGS) satellite remote sensing progra

How to Download Free Satellite Images From Bhuvan Portal of NRSC

Download free satellite images of Indian Satellite using NRSC-Bhuvan website Bhuvan portal is a platform created by National Remote S ensing Center of Govt of India to provide free satellite images of different satellite such as LISS-III, LISS-IV, Cartosat DEM etc. This portal also provide free classified and thematic maps.   These satellite image can easily download by select and preview process.  Open weblink: From this page go to top menu option – Open Data Archive A new window will open after clicking on Open data Archive. You need to make user id on this page so click to Login (on the extreme top right corner) A new small window will open for login credentials , scroll down it and click on New User Create login id by providing details such as user name, email id, first name, last name etc. Go to click here to login and also an email sent to your email id, activate that email id and login