Digital Image Processing Tutorial- Introduction to Erdas Imagine Software

Introduction to ERDAS IMAGINE Software

There are several image processing software available in paid and free source categories. Erdas Imagine is very commonly used image processing software. In this article, sharing how to start with Erdas Imagine software. ERDAS imagine is image processing software supported by Leica Geosystems Inc earlier but now Hexagon Geospatial providing this software. 

ERDAS Imagine is raster based software that is specifically designed for information extraction from satellite images. The functions embedded involve importing, viewing, altering and analyzing both raster and vector data sets. This software is capable of handling an unlimited number of bands of image data in a single file. 

These bands imported into ERDAS IMAGINE are often treated as layers. Additional layers can be created and added to existing image file. It allows users to import a wide variety of remotely sensed imagery from satellite and aerial platforms. In this article ERDAS Imagine 9.1 version used to explain different task.

Getting Started with Erdas Imagine

Click on Start menu           
Go to All Programs        
Than go to Leica Geosystems         
Click on ERDAS IMAGINE folder Icon

ERDAS IMAGINE begins running; on top of the Erdas Imagine window you see the main menu bar.

Clicking one of the items of the menu bar gives a pull down menu with a number of options. The menus on the ERDAS IMAGINE menu bar are: Session, Main, Tools, Utilities, and Help. These menus are described in this section.

Session Menu

Click the word Session in the upper left corner of the ERDAS IMAGINE menu bar. The Session menu opens. The following table contains the Session menu selections and their functionalities:

Main Menu

Click the word Main in the ERDAS IMAGINE menu bar. The Main menu opens. The following table contains the Session menu selections and their functionalities:

Tools Menu

Click the word Tools in the ERDAS IMAGINE menu bar. The Tools menu opens. The following table contains the Tools menu selections and their functionalities:

Utilities Menu

Click Utilities on the ERDAS IMAGINE menu bar. The Utilities menu opens. The following table contains the Utilities menu selections and their functionalities:


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