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How to Acquire Remote Sensing Data

Remote Sensing Data/Satellite Image Download Portals: Satellite image is main source and input data for remote sensing studies . These input in the form of satellite image can be also used in GIS database generation as well as for analysis in GIS environment .  So acquiring or ordering satellite images is now a days a very simple and easy process just like purchasing on any e-commerce portals.  Four simple steps will explain the acquiring process of satellite image. Select the interested area using polygon in shape file, coordinates or city/location name Select the type of satellite image Browse the searched image and check the image quality  In the last download/order the satellite image through cart There is variety of satellite images available on web-portals, provided and supported by many government and other agencies.  These satellite images are  available in the  paid form as ell as free of cost on web portals.  Different web portal are defined below, from where one can s