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GEOMATICS QUIZ-I Introduction to GIS

GEOMATICS Question Bank Series Main Topic: GIS Sub Topic: GIS Introduction   Q1. GIS stands for 1.       Geographic Information System 2.       Generic Information System 3.       Geological Information System 4.       Geographic Information Sharing   Q2. Which type of data is used in GIS? 1.       Binary data 2.       Spatial data 3.       Complex data 4.       Statistical data   Q3. How many directions can be represented using GIS? 1.       X direction only 2.       Y direction only 3.       X, Y and Z all three 4.       None of the above   Q4. GIS tools allow the user to perform 1.       Create data 2.       Edit data 3.       Analyze data 4.       All of the above   Q5. GIS can be used in applications 1.       Mining 2.       Transportation 3.       Coastal Studies 4.       All of the above   Q6. Which in not component of GIS 1.       Hardware 2.       Software 3.       People 4.       GPS    Q7. Which is open source GIS software? 1.       ArcGIS 2.       Map/Info 3.       QGIS 4.