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GIS Spatial Analysis-Land Use Mix Spatial Data

IntroductionGIS is a versatile tool and can be used for variety of application as well as creation of spatial data. It can be used to create elevation data, population density, water quality, urban density, air quality etc. and at the same time these data can be spatially represented. The advantage of GIS spatial data, that it can be analyzed to assess the impact on neighborhood or surrounding environment. GIS has various functions,spatial data in both formats such as raster and vector.Here in this article GIS is used to create distribution of commercial and industrial activity within the city to find out the impact on travel demand. For this a spatial data named land use mix created using GIS spatial analytical tool.Land use mix index is used to ascertain the level of commercial activity in each ward of Jaipur city. This indicator is very important to know the level of commercial and industrial activities (in the form of At present, there is no available data source that provides the…

Buffer Analysis Using QGIS

IntroductionGIS provide many tools for understanding and analysis of spatial data base. GIS has capabilities to analyze feature itself as well as its surrounding area and impact of surrounding area on that earth feature. GIS functions play significant role in the data creation, edit, manipulation and analysis. There are ‘n’ number of function available in GIS based on mathematical, statistical and spatial approach such proximity analysis, buffer analysis, spatial analysis etc. 
Buffer analysis is used to delineate areas in proximity to geographic spatial feature. In this a buffer is generated around that existing geographic feature by using distance parameters and this buffer area is used to identify and analyze spatial features comes into that buffer area or outside that buffer area. 
In the buffer analysis a buffer area of specified distance from geographic feature is created then this buffer area can be used to specify the spatial features fall in that buffer area and features are be…