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New GIS and Remote Sensing Openings

Current Openings: 01/02/2020Deadlines of some vacancies are very close Job Title: GIS Expert Company Name: CSK Himachal Pradesh Agricultural University Experience:  5 years  Location: Palampur
Job Title: GIS ConsultantCompany Name: Revenue & Disaster Management Department, Haryana Experience: 15 years   Location: Panchkula
Job Title: Geospatial Assistant (Cadastral)Company Name: Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority Experience:  2 years   Location: Gurgaon
Job Title: Jr. Research Fellow - Remote Sensing and GISCompany Name: Punjab Remote Sensing Centre Experience: 0 - 1 year   Location: Ludhiana
Job Title: Junior Research Fellow/Junior Project FellowCompany Name: Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education Experience: 0 years   Location: Dehradun
Job Title: Urban Planner & GIS ExpertCompany Name: Team ONE Architects (India) Pvt. Ltd. Experience: 7 years   Location: Navi Mumbai
Job Title: Manager- GIS


Current Openings: 23/01/2020Job Title: GIS Engineer Experience Company Name: Edgemap Softwares ( Experience:  1-2 years Location: India
Job Title: GIS Engineer Fresher Company Name: Edgemap Softwares ( Experience:  0 years Location: India
Job Title: GIS Surveyor Company Name: Podium Infotech Experience:  1-2 years Location: India
Job Title:

Application of GIS and Remote Sensing for Air Pollution Assessment

Air Pollution become threat to daily life as already faced severe attack of pollution in New Delhi and its surrounding. Population and increase in transportation system specially vehicle growth playing significant role in increasing air pollution. As well as built-up growth in the form of development also affecting and increasing pollution. Factors Affect Air PollutionPopulation growth and in-migration of poor people influence the urban centers. Increasing pressure on land and other resources in the form of industrial and commercial development. urban sprawl is seen as one of the potential threats to pollution and many more.
Here in this article demonstrated that how GIS and remote sensing can be used to find the affect of urban and population growth on air pollution of a city and described with real data analysis.
Local pollution patterns in cities are mainly related to land use category, transportation network, and air flushing rates. Here in this study, an integrated approach of remo…

GIS and Remote Sensing JOBS

Current Openings: 10/01/2020
Job Title: GIS (GIS Mapping)Company Name: WS ATKINS (INDIA) Private Limited Experience: 1-4 years Location: Bengaluru
Job Title: Senior Software Developer - GISCompany Name: Resource Weaver Experience: 4-7 years Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Job Title: Telecom - GISCompany Name: S2 INFOTECH International Limited Experience: 7-9 years Location: Abu Dhabi
Job Title: Consultant (Project Associate)Company Name: World Resources Institute Experience: 2-8 years Location: Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru
Job Title: Consultant (Project Manager)Company Name: World Resources Institute Experience: 1-6 years Location: Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru