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Digital Image Processing Tutorial-Image Enhancement Part-III (Spectral Enhancement)

Spectral Enhancement of a Satellite ImageSpectral enhancement is directly representing spectral properties of sensor or satellite image. This spectral property of satellite image is described by spectral resolution. Spectral Resolution refers to the number of bands (wavelength) in the spectrum measured by sensor. It is capability of sensor board on satellite to record reflectance of earth surface feature in different wavelength/multi band. Spectral resolution describes the ability of a sensor to define fine wave length intervals. This property of sensor is very significant in collecting information of earth surface, as earth surface react with incident energy(Electromagnetic radiation from Sun) and reflectance occur due to this process recorded by sensor. Earth surface feature react with radiated energy in three different way TransmissionAbsorptionReflectanceReflectance is recorded by sensor and it is completely depend on incident energy from Sun. In other words depend on portion of e…

Digital Image Processing Tutorial-Image Enhancement Part-II

Image Enhancement Part-II (Spatial, Spectral and Radiometric Enhancement)There are several others methods to improve quality of image for better interpretation. These enhancement methods are divided on the basis of three basic image concepts of spatial resolution, spectral resolution and radiometric resolution. Therefore they called as spatial enhancement, spectral enhancement and radiometric enhancement.
Spatial Enhancement As it called spatial enhancement so it enhances spatial resolution properties of a satellite image. Spatial resolution defined as ability of sensor to distinguish the small objects. It refers to the amount of detail that can be detected by a sensor. Image pixel size defines the spatial resolution of a satellite image. 
For detailed mapping of land use practices requires a much greater spatial resolution. If enhance the spatial properties of image to get more detailed and accurate information one should use this spatial enhancement tool. 
This enhancement tool has …

QGIS Download Process

There are several GIS software available in the GIS market. They are available in both paid and free or open source software. ARC/GIS is leading software in Paid category, other paid software are Map/Info, Geomedia, Microstation, Global Mapper etc., where as QGIS comes in the open source category and in current it is also leading software in its own category. QGIS software can be used to create, edit, analyze and display data. It has all functions and tools as other paid GIS software.  It has all the advantages of GIS like other GIS tools. One can play with spatial and non-spatial data using QGIS. It also provides integration of mathematical and simulation models for further analysis.  How to Download QGISQGIS is open-source desktop geographic information system (GIS) software. QGIS is licensed under the GNU General Public License. It is an official project of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo). It runs on Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, Windows and Android. QGIS software could be use…