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Satellite Image Information- Details of Spatial and Spectral Resolution

Satellite Image Information:There are many types of satellite images available through download and purchase options, one can select from them as per need of their project. These satellite image can be selected based on different properties of satellite image such as Spatial resolution, spectral resolution, temporal resolution and swath of satellite image (that describe the scene size or coverage area). 
A satellite can use only visible part of electromagnetic energy and some satellite use both visible and infrared part of electromagnetic energy. This is usually referred by spectral resolutions or number of band recorded in particular satellite image. 
The list is provided to understand the satellite information and use in specific need as per satellite image specification. It has information of different satellite mission details with their properties such as bands, resolution and scene size. This information can be used to acquire satellite image as per your need of project or researc…

Remote Sensing Application

Applications of Remote SensingThere are probably endless applications of remote sensing to tackle problems related to land, sea and atmospheric processes. Some of these applications are explained below- 
Land use/land cover change- monitoring of land use change from rural to urban, direction of urban sprawl, reduction in valuable agriculture land, monitoring of environmentally sensitive areas etc. High resolution images can be used to identify parking problems in city, traffic flows estimation and for various transportation studies.Agriculture- classification of crop type, examine the crop health, estimation of crop yield and forecasting crop yield, mapping of soil characteristics and soil moisture, monitoring of farming practices etc.
Forest-Forest cover type discrimination, forest inventory, biomass estimation, detect and monitor forest fires, burn delineation,monitoring the quantity and health of forests, mapping and monitoring the rate and extent of deforestation, rainforest depleti…

Spatial Analysis and Temporal Analysis using Remote Sensing

Spatial and Temporal Analysis Jaipur & Kota city, IndiaImage processing and image interpretation for the development of land use/land cover maps was done in ERDAS Imagine software. The classified outputs were studied and analyzed to detect the change in urban sprawl. The district boundary and city boundary can be created in GIS environment using GIS software. 
Process for Spatial Analysis and Temporal Analysis using Remote Sensing DataSatellite imagery was stacked into different bands to produce a false colour composite; the area of interest (study area) was extracted by sub-setting of the image
Image enhancement techniques like histogram equalization were performed on each image for improving the quality of the image. With the help of Survey of India topographic-sheets of 1:50,000 and city boundary map, the study area has been delineated. 
The pre-processed images were then classified using hybrid classification approach i.e. combination of supervised and unsupervised algorithm fo…

Introduction of Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing
Introduction The term "remote sensing," first used in the United States in the 1950s by Ms. Evelyn Pruitt of the U.S. Office of Naval Research.‘Remote’ means far away and ‘sensing’ means observing or acquiring some information. Therefore, remote sensing is the acquisition of information about an object or phenomenon without making physical contact with the object.
In our everyday living, one employ remote sensing to view different objects. Our eyes can be considered as sensors that respond to the light reflected from various objects. The data acquired by our eyes are the impulses corresponding to the amount of light reflected from light and dark areas of the object.This data is analyzed and interpreted by our brain which works like computer, to enable us to recognize the object.
Remote sensing is a tool/technique that use sensors to measure the amount of electromagnetic energy emitting an object or geographic area from a distance and then extracting the informatio…

Remote Sensing Data-Satellite Image

Satellite Image Download Portals:Satellite image is main source and input data for remote sensing studies. These input in the form of satellite image can be also used in GIS database generation as well as for analysis in GIS environment. So acquiring or ordering satellite images is now a days a very simple and easy process just like purchasing on any e-commerce portals. 
Four simple steps will explain the acquiring process of satellite image. Select the interested area using polygon in shape file, coordinates or city/location nameSelect the type of satellite imageBrowse the searched image and check the image quality In the last download/order the satellite image through cart There is variety of satellite images available on web-portals, provided and supported by many government and other agencies. These satellite images are available in the paid form as ell as free of cost on web portals. 
Different web portal are defined below, from where one can search, preview and download satellite im…